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Feed 15 with a picnic buffet or feast on finger food with a guest list of 500. More if the plus ones turn up. Serving healthy sharing platters, individually packed meals and black-tie-worthy canapes, our corporate catering delivers on every occasion.

Looking for some inspiration?

If you’re finding it hard to decide how to best feed your team, here are some tasty ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast toast with berries and bananas

Let our artisanal vendors take you on a stroll down the Champs-Élysées with their freshly-made light and buttery pastries...



If sushi spreads joy among your team then we really are soy-mates. We have the perfect sushi vendors for you…

Bagel trays

Take your team to the streets of New York with their shiny, crackle-crusted bagels packed with deliciously generous fillings.

Sweet treats

Turn a staff birthday into a real team celebration with a selection of cakes or a platter of sweet treats.

Salad bar

More than just a plate of leaves. We’re talking protein-packed plates of rice, quinoa and barley topped with deliciously marinated fish, meat or roasted mediterranean vegetables.



Did you know that 1 in 3 dishes ordered on Feedr are vegetarian? Take a look through the huge variety of meat-free options available from our handpicked vendors.

Superior sandwich platters

Freshly-baked artisanal bread packed with flavour and style.

Pizza party

Let everyone share a piece of the pie with monthly social pizza parties from over-sized American slices to Neapolitan pizzas that taste like Naples itself.

Dietary requirements?
No problem

We understand that corporate catering can be a minefield when it comes to catering for everyone’s dietary and nutritional needs. This is why we work hard with all our vendors to give you as much nutritional information as possible at the point of ordering. Our advanced filtering makes sure you cover all dietary and team requirements while staying within budget.


We make corporate catering a piece of cake

Get started

Head over to Group Catering and enter your address.

Easy ordering

Select from hundreds of taste-tested vendors for a corporate catering experience that will bring the whole team around the table.

Cherry on the top

Easy on the admin. Low impact on the planet. With food off your plate, you’re relaxed and ready to keep the other ones spinning.

Let’s make lunch work for you

Whatever the day serves, it goes down better with a nourishing meal. Food works. We don’t just deliver meals fresh from local vendors, we deliver the ‘lunch is here’ buzz, conversations brewing over coffee, bright ideas buried in rainbow salads. Share a meal, share a few out-of-office stories, and chances are you’ll share some oomph for that afternoon meeting too.


Hand-picked vendors

Take your pick from more than 200 vendors that share our commitment to food made and delivered with joy. No sad salads here: this is mood-flipping good food that leaves you energised, uplifted and full of beans.


Flexibility is baked in: you don’t need to commit to a head count. Order a breakfast buffet for 100 one day and a 30-person sandwich platter lunch the next. The only thing set in stone is good food. Delivered.

Flexible office food catering

Some food-delivery platforms have a side-order of office catering. With Feedr, your workplace is our speciality. We sweat the small stuff, so you can focus on the big picture. Whatever the day throws at you, it goes down better with a nourishing meal. Food works.

people eating

Why they ordered from us again. And again.

Five-star food

“Food, nutrition and wellbeing has always been a priority for us, and Feedr has made this so much easier to fulfill.”

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Team eating
Team eating
Delicious food

Sustainable delivery

“The food was hot, flavour was delicious, and packaging was not excessively wasteful.”

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Team working over coffee

Personalised menus

“The curated meal choice and individual ordering is just fantastic! Always something for everyone on the menus.”

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Team working over coffee

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Regularly feed your team?

Discover the most flexible and scalable way to feed your team. Whether you're feeding 50 or 500. Choose the menus and dish out credits in the portal. Employees log onto the app, order, and crack on until the buzzer rings. Magic.

Food bowls
Palm Greens
Atcha food bowls
Food bowls
Palm Greens
Atcha food bowls
Food bowl
Food bowl

Frequently asked questions about our corporate catering service

What's the best way to arrange corporate catering for our office?
Ordering food for delivery to your office couldn't be simpler. Head to Group Catering, put in your address, and use the filters to find vendors who can deliver food straight to your office that match the type of food you are looking for and your headcount.

While sandwich platters remain a top favourite in the corporate catering world, sushi and salad spreads are rapidly increasing in popularity. Corporate catering with high levels of protein has been found to boost energy levels for guests as well as better serve common dietary needs such as gluten-free.

We understand that corporate catering is not always a last minute arrangement. That's why we allow you to place orders with our vendors up to 3 months in advance. But if it is a last minute thing, that's ok too, feel free to book corporate catering for next-day delivery!

We understand the benefits of a team effort, which is why once you fill up your cart with delicious corporate catering goodies for your meeting or event, you'll be able to share your draft basket with colleagues before completing your order.

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Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR