A little about Feedr.

In a world of work-from-wherever, Feedr delivers food that makes people happy to be in the office. Feeding teams is our speciality, not a side order.

Why? Because we started life in the office. Slumped at desks, tired of humdrum high-street food, ordering-in admin and late deliveries with two vegan options lost on the way. It was time for hassle-and-miss to go off the menu.
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About us

We reflect and plan, we approach our customers and vendors with integrity, and like to think of ourselves as your friendly neighbourhood foodie, there to show you the latest best eats for your team.
We're All Human Here!
We’re your friendly workplace neighbour always looking out for you and your team, every step of the way. Give us a call whenever you need, we’ve got you!
We Make It Personal
If you can dream it, we can cater to it. We'll work with you to build a bespoke pop-up food experience worth every penny.
Hand-Picked Vendors
We partner with your team’s favourite local vendors who are as passionate as we are about creating sustainable and carbon-neutral culinary magic for your team.
Diverse Menus
Our daily office meals and lunch delivery offer a mouthwatering array of cuisines, catering to every palate in your team.
Something for Everyone
From gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and halal, we have special diet options to suit all needs. Nobody goes hungry on our watch.

Our vendors

We don’t let just anyone on the Feedr platform, our vendors have been taste-tested and vetted to pass the Feedr stamp of approval, so you know that your team in Germany is only getting the best of the best.

Our platform

Some food-delivery platforms have a side order of office catering. With Feedr, your workplace is our speciality. Our pay-monthly invoices, subsidy options and easy-as-pie team management make work, work better.
Built to Scale
From 50 to 500+, our platform is built to scale with your company and feed your growing team seamlessly.
One-Stop Catering Platform
We keep your options wide open and all in one place with everyday pantry fills, one-off catered events and subsidised team meals on the menu. Pick, customise, we’ll handle the rest.
Easy on the Admin
Everything you need to manage your team is in the portal: choose your vendors, dish out staff credits, and pay just-for-what-you-eat invoices. Admin headache: off the menu.
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The Feedr Mission

To make office days magical with food. We don’t just want to deliver fresh food from local vendors: we thrive to deliver the “lunch is here” buzz; conversations bubbling over soup; bright ideas hidden in rainbow salads.

The Feedr Vision

Good office food. Good office days.

Our vision is for all companies to have good office days by helping them create a workplace culture where teams are brought together over food. We want food to be more than just a side order in the office. We want food to be the main ingredient to fostering deeper connections and nourishing employees’ bodies and minds.


Good food brings the whole team to the table. Our dedication to creating a workplace culture that fosters teamwork, communication, and mutual support make them want to stay at yours.


We’re always hungry for more. We’re food fanatics with an insatiable appetite for new ways to learn, grow, and improve.


We think. A lot. We reflect and plan, we approach our customers and vendors with integrity, and continue to nudge the office food delivery industry forward on sustainability.

Office food services to delight

Whatever the occasion in your German office, we’ve got it sorted. Perk up the team with daily office meals, put on a breakfast meeting spread or host a pop-up food lunch experience in your office. Take a look at our full suite of office food services.
Daily Office Meals
Our regular employee meals service is the food perk that works and makes everyone happy to be in the office.
Corporate Catering
Feed 15 with a sandwich platter or feast on finger food with a guest list of 500+. Our catering delivers on every occasion.
Pantry Fill
Keep colleagues close and snacks closer. Fill your kitchen with healthy nibbles and essentials: organic milk, coffee, fruit, and yoghurt pots.