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Lunch for your lifestyle

Order daily lunches that boost your mood, productivity and match your health goals, all through Feedr.

Use your company code to sign up and join your team, or register your interest to help get your company access to the best food vendors in town. After all, the best employee perks are the ones you can eat!

Happy team in the office

Why Feedr?

We believe in thoughtful food, which is why we spend time curating our menus to deliver you food that's good for you and good for the planet.

Food to suit you, minus the queues.

It isn’t always easy to get good food on-the-go when you’re busy. We deliver balanced meals from the best food providers in the city, powering the best version of you.

Order ahead and stay on track

Orders can be made up to 7 days in advance. Don’t get stuck with what’s closest to the office last minute. Instead, make healthy choices for your week ahead without having to meal prep!

Kind to you, and the world

Our vendors are vetted for their sustainability practices, from their sourcing to their packaging. Our deliveries are completely carbon-neutral, plus, we donate a meal to a child in need for every meal you order.

The best food for the best you

With full ingredient transparency, insights, advanced ordering, and menu filters, you can make sure your well-being and nutritional goals are fully supported when ordering from Feedr.

200+ handpicked vendors

All our vendors share our commitment to championing low impact on the planet and high flavour. Take a look at what could be on the menu in your office.

Better food, even better reviews

Five-star review

“Great company and service! Simplifies my life by taking the hassle out of ordering lunch for the week, and provides me with access to a variety of healthy restaurants and meal options. All direct to my email every morning!”

John Shea
Team eating
Team eating
Delicious food

Five-star review

“Hop Vietnamese became my favourite food in London after I tried it with Feedr first. 10/10."

Team working over coffee

Five-star review

“As a vegan, finding a tasty, filling lunch alternative is tricky. You get fed up with tired salads. Feedr makes all of that easy with vendors like Nusa that create lots of variety for us vegans. Healthy and tasty!"


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Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR