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Feedr’s journey

Feedr’s journey

Feedr is an enterprise health platform transforming how employees access healthy food and better nutrition at work every day.

Feedr was started with the simple idea that healthy and transparent food should be easily and affordably accessible, and that data can be used to build a more customised menu experience. We’ve built software that gives individual users the ability to set their own food goals, experience personalised menus and unique content, while benefiting from rewards and subsidies from their company. We take a marketplace approach, working with London’s most innovative food producers who make delicious food from scratch and source sustainably.

The nature of workplaces is changing, and Feedr is building modern, integratable and health forward software for the future of work.

Meet the founders

Meet the founders

Feedr started with one idea, in two separate minds. Riya had been working at a startup and saw that the benefits landscape was not keeping pace with changing customer preferences around food and nutrition. Lyz was working in an investment firm, and struggled with overly processed high-street food options being the only things she could find to eat. The two were introduced by a mutual friend and one of Feedr’s vendors, and the rest is history.

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Give back with Feedr

For every meal you order with Feedr, we donate a nutritious meal to a school child in rural India, in partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

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