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Eathos (pronounced ‘ethos’) is an eatery like no other in Dublin. Our fresh approach to food, with quality and provenance in mind, makes this daytime fare unrivalled in the city.

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Quality delights with provenance and freshness at the heart. From their salads and protein to the eggs and pasties, Eathos have something for everyone.
Sourced Responsibly
Provenance is at the heart of Eathos, from their patisserie, all made in house by our pastry chef to their meat and dairy products, they know each and every supplier. A few great examples of Eathos championing Local Irish. • Fruit & Vegetable – Keelings, St Margarets, Co. Dublin • Salmon – Kenmare Select Seafood, Kilmurray, Co. Kerry • Tuna & Seafood – Kish Fish, Smithfield, Dublin - Beef – Gahan Meats & ABP, NorthPark, Dublin
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