Locally, Organic, Salads

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A freshly-picked, organic tomato at Ballymaloe Cookery School started sprout. Because when jack tasted its full-flavour punch, it sparked the idea for a locally-sourced, seasonal, healthy food business. The rest is sprout. We’ve been lucky to attract great people from all over the world to work on our food revolution. shared values keep us connected, stuff we really believe in. that everything matters. Trust has to be earned. To nurture good. Enthusiasm is contagious. and above all, have fun doing what we do.

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Sprout offers flavourful and nutritional packed hearty salads with ingredients right from their own farm.
Sourced Responsibly
Eating well should never sacrifice taste. Truly good food is properly delicious too. So sourcing locally, staying seasonal means we’ve fresher, tastier ingredients and our healthy always leads with flavour first. Because that dream was to grow for ourselves. knowing where food comes from seems to make it taste better. so in 2018, we started our own organic farm in Kildare. Getting into soil. Trying new varieties. Growing just for us.
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