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From local caterers to the nation’s biggest names, we help our food vendor partners achieve their full sales potential. We’re committed to giving everyone an equal opportunity on our platform, no matter their size.

Join Feedr’s community of industry trailblazers and get your food delivered through Cloud Canteen or Group Catering to hungry offices across London, Dublin, Manchester, and Edinburgh.


Why Feedr?

We have a marketplace of over 200 food vendors, delivering their food to corporate customers in London, Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh, with more locations coming soon. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should join our vendor community...

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Reach new customers

Get your menus in front of thousands of new customers who work exclusively with Feedr for regular meals at the office.

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Join a trusted community

Be part of a curated, high-quality vendor community and trust that your brand is well represented as part of an exclusive choice set. We’re committed to driving meaningful, sustainable business to every vendor.

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Talk to a human

We see our vendors as our partners. Our team checks in regularly with customer feedback and are always on hand to give tips on how to improve menus and operations.

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Access to Compass Group

With Feedr, you will also join the Compass Group family, a global FTSE 100 company serving meals across more than 55,000 client locations, giving you a plethora of opportunities to do more with your business.

How we work?

Built for business, connecting you to the B2B catering market.

Advanced scheduling

Orders are scheduled in advance and with predefined cut-off and collection times. No sweating over asap ordering here.

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Maximising your kitchen’s downtime

With orders coming in ahead of your lunch hour rush, you can prep these orders during a quiet time in the kitchen.

Corporate clients = big orders

We group employee orders into one, meaning you’ll receive larger orders and be able to consolidate courier footfall at peak times.

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Regular demand

Businesses have a lot of mouths to feed throughout the week and endless reasons to order food to the office for meetings and events.

More sales, less headache

Simple order management via our online portal means all customer service and logistics are taken care of.

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A space to showcase your brand

Our platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand - from your origin story to how you source your food.

What we care about

We have big dreams for the future of food delivery, so join us on our journey to make it happen.

Ethically sourced food delivery

High quality, ethical food is a standard

We care about every effort that goes into making fresh meals on-site, including sourcing produce ethically and sustainably. You won’t find nasty additives on our menus, but you will find a 4-star hygiene rating as a minimum.

Ethically sourced food delivery

We’re here to support best-in-class and innovation-driving foodies, giving independent businesses a platform to compete on equal terms.

Indpendent food business

Eco-friendly packaging is a must-have requirement for us, and so are carbon-neutral deliveries - be it on a cargo bike or in an e-vehicle. With our individual ordering system, we’re helping businesses reduce their food waste.

Food is a basic right, not a privilege, so for every meal we serve, we donate one to a school child in rural India through our partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

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We are proud to maintain the perfect balance within our vendor community of top-in-class, food producers. Championing food innovation, quality sourcing and fresh, delicious meals"

Sarah - Head of Vendor Partnerships at Feedr

Join our vendor community

Do you make amazing food, strive for sustainability and provide a balanced menu? We want to hear from you. In return, we promise a partnership that makes your life easier and is human. Our vendors say our software “elevates them above being a simple middleman” and we’re always making it better.

You’ll be in great company

Meet some of the wonderful vendors who are already a part of our growing community.

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Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR