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Delicious vendors
handpicked for you
All of our vendors are hand picked, taste tested
and quality checked before they ever get to you.
Our vendors are tried & tested
We don’t offer anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. All vendors have a guaranteed 4* hygiene rating
and we taste their dishes before launch to ensure you receive the best.
Food Team
Strive to be sustainable
We choose vendors who champion sustainable practices. You'll find vendors who use local, seasonal ingredients, reduce waste, and demonstrate environmental responsibility.
Farmer J Sustainable food
Kaleido Rolls
Kaleido Rolls
Rolls by Kaleido
Focus on balance
We believe in eating well no matter what your preferences, so whoever is on your team, there is food that works for them. Our vendors cater to all dietary and allergen requirements and meals are curated to be both delicious and nutritious.
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Top food that earns top reviews
“Delicious and customised just how I wanted it! True love ❤️
Chopped salad with roasted chicken
“Chicken was delicious and the portion size was very generous. My favourite Feedr so far”
“Amazing! Best lunch I've ever had, I really enjoyed it.The flavours and portion size were perfect.”
Office desk with lunch meals
Join our vendor community
Do you make amazing food, strive for sustainability and provide a balanced menu? We want to hear from you. In return, we promise a platform that makes your life easier. Our vendors say our software “elevates them above being a simple middleman” and we’re always making it better.




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