What great food at work means to us

Our vision is to make healthy, delicious food accessible in people’s daily lives and to promote London’s most innovative and quality focused vendors. We have made a conscious effort to curate the best vendors across London to reinvent food in the workplace.

Part of this is believing that you should be able to eat the way you want at the office - all of our vendors have options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and suit a variety of other dietary preferences. What gets us up in the morning is being able to match you with the right food for you and your office, because we know how much a great meal can make your day.

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Bel-Air Breakfast Toasts

How we select our vendors

Our team tastes the food from every vendor we work with, and if it doesn’t get past our picky, diverse, Feedr Foodies, then it doesn’t come to you. We work hard to match the right vendors to the right customers. There are 100's of these great vendors across London, so there are definitely some we can recommend to you.

What makes them special

  • Source fresh and high quality ingredients
  • Remove unnecessary additives and refined sugar
  • Create beautiful, delicious and balanced food
  • Use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging
  • Have a story and are passionate about the food they create

Vendor Spotlight

Gail's Bakery mixed sandwiches

Gails logo

Gail’s Bakery

The famous artisan bakery, Gail’s is a great choice for delicious, freshly baked sweet and savoury goods. It is a customer favourite and is great for a number of occasions, both individual and sharing.

Best For

  • Pastries
  • Sandwiches and nibbles
  • Sharing Lunch Platters

Feedr Recommends

Mixed sandwich box with 6 different varieties including our favourites parmesan chicken & chilli aioli, cauliflower & spinach, and smoked salmon & avocado yoghurt. Treat yourself to Gail’s brownie bites for dessert - you won’t be disappointed!

Farmstand lunch pots

Farmstand logo


Ethically-sound Farmstand creates seasonal, wholesome options, free from gluten, dairy and unnecessary added sugar. Inspired by the roadside stalls of Midwest America, the food from Farmstand is all delicious and sustainably sourced.

Best For

  • Sharing Lunch Platters
  • Farm to Table
  • Hearty Lunch Boxes

Feedr Recommends

Harissa Chicken with Rainbow Slaw with Sesame Dressing and Broccoli with Tahini and Sesame Seeds

Peardrop delivery canapes

Peardrop logo


Beautifully presented, balanced food, Peardrop’s dishes are sophisticated with surprising flavours. Ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically, using organic produce wherever possible.

Best For

  • Canapes
  • Sharing Breakfast Platters
  • VIP Board Room

Feedr Recommends

Some of our favourite canapes include: sweet potato discs with homemade pesto and house blushed tomato, pork & fennel meatballs with tahini yoghurt and pomegranate, & seared sesame tuna wontons with wasabi cream.

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If you’re a restaurant, caterer, cafe, or delivery kitchen looking to grow your business, and this all sounds like you, please get in touch! We're always looking for new great partners. Email [email protected] and introduce yourself!

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