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We know that a busy schedule often makes it difficult to find the time to choose a healthy lunch. The food on our delivery menu should help.. All our menus are designed by Ruth Wood, our Founder and Nutritionist and are tasty, interesting and diverse. They are carefully considered to increase energ...


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Ruth, co-founder of Crucial food is a clinical nutritionist. We love Crucial for the thought that has gone into every element of each of their dishes, ensuring the taste is phenominal but also nourishing your body. Nothing tastes as good as Crucial lunch boxes feel.

says Mathilde, Vendor Manager

Sourced responsibly

At Crucial Food we use lots of fresh fruit and veg as well as good oils, grains and high- quality protein. We source great ingredients from our suppliers who we work closely with. Our meat is all free range and supplied by H G Walters. Our vegetables + free range eggs come from our chef at Covent Garden Market who we are in daily contact with to get the best British produce where possible. MCS approved fresh fish comes from Upstream Seafoods and our dry ingredients come from Infinity Foods in Brighton - a co-operative who specialise in great quality grains, nuts + pulses with Fairtrade links. Our kitchen team prides itself on long standing relationships with our suppliers. We regularly meet up and ensure our produce is the best and meeting our high standards.

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