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Deliciously Ella was founded in 2015 by Ella and Matthew Mills. Ella released the fastest selling debut cookbook of all time in 2015 and is famed for her new take on plant based foods. Everything from the deli is refined sugar and dairy free, but the focus is always on delicious taste over labels.


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A must try for all vegans and non-vegans alike, Deliciously Ella makes eating dairy and refined sugar free easy. From their build your own salad to their warming hot dishes, Ella Woodwards brand has earned its impecabble reputation with Feedr customers.

says Mathilde, Vendor Manager

Sourced responsibly

At Deliciously Ella we are very passionate about making vegetables cool! Way too often vegetables are the boring side dish, but we want them to be the star of the show. We’ll always keep our recipes natural (using plant-based ingredients with no preservatives or additives), simple and above all, delicious. Eating seasonally and locally is something we find very important, but equally really difficult for a small business to execute. We would love to improve our impact and are working more and more with the Sustainable Restaurant Association who offer amazing support in this and many other areas of sustainability.

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