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At Farmer J we care, we care where our ingredients come from and how our food is prepared. That’s why we are trying to change the game. Serving honest food, that rolls with the seasons, is mindfully sourced, is bursting with flavour and most importantly, is scratch cooked on-site. We take pride in o...

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Seasonal, Sustainable, Balanced

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Everytime you buy a Harissa Chicken box from Farmer J, 10p go towards Action against Hunger - a charity that saves the lives of malnourished children and fights for a world free from hunger.

says Sarah, Vendor Manager

Sourced responsibly

From Farm to fork – Farmer J pride themselves on their mindful sourcing from stand-out UK producers. They ensure each producer meets a strict set of their own standards. From their fresh produce to their meat & fish they let quality ingredients speak for themselves. Nothing added, nothing taken away Farmer J use whole, seasonal ingredients to create their dishes from scratch.




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