Daily office meals in Germany delivered on time, on taste.

Are you ready to transform your office culture in Germany with daily office meals and office lunch delivery that will leave your team buzzing with energy and creativity?
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How our daily office meals in Germany work...

No more dull sandwiches or last night's leftovers. Our daily office meals platform is here to elevate your German office dining experience by bringing meals from your team's favourite restaurants and delivering them straight to your office. Our daily office meals really is the food perk that works.

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We curate your daily meals menu

Experience the delight of taste-tested restaurant meals delivered to your office. Simply sign up your team and provide them with enticing subsidies!

Your team orders

It's as simple as can be. Log in to access daily office meal menus tailored to your unique nutritional needs and goals. Place your daily meal orders up to seven days in advance hassle-free.

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Meals arrive with a touch of magic

From the kitchen to your office door in Germany, we take every step to ensure timely and delicious delivery of your office meals. Good food brings the whole team to the table.

Streamlined employee meal management

Take the burden of admin off your plate. Our user-friendly technology simplifies your team's office meal management, allowing you to effortlessly select vendors, manage meal orders, and make payments. All this, along with pay just-what-you-eat invoices.

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Why Feedr?

We get it, there’s a few other companies to choose from and you’re doing your research. So while you’re weighing up the competition, read on to find out why Feedr's daily office meal delivery experience is head and shoulders above the rest.
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Built to Scale
From 50 to 500+, our platform is built to scale with your company and feed your growing team seamlessly.
Big Flavour, Low Impact
We vet our vendors for responsible sourcing, minimal food waste, and eco-friendly packaging. No disposable forks required.
Diverse Menus
Our daily office meals and lunch delivery offer a mouthwatering array of cuisines, catering to every palate in your team.
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Vendors Globally

Say hello to Germany's best food vendors...

Our hand-picked office food vendors in Germany offer a smorgasbord of options for every occasion and every diet. From power-packed breakfasts to fuel your productivity, to scrumptious lunches that keep you going strong, and even delightful treats to celebrate the small wins, we've got it all.
Sometimes I only have 5 minutes to order food. Your platform helps me to select within a click. The process is really clear and makes my job easier.
Sarah Grische
People Operations Manager

Office food services to delight

Whatever the occasion in your office, we’ve got it sorted. Perk up the team with daily office meals or put on a breakfast meeting spread. Take a look at our full suite of office food services.
Corporate Catering
Feed 15 with a sandwich platter or feast on finger food with a guest list of 500+. From team meetings to black tie events. Gluten free, vegan, or halal, we make sure our catering delivers on every occasion.
Office Pantry Supplies
Keep colleagues close and snacks closer. Fill your kitchen with healthy nibbles and essentials: organic milk, coffee, fruit, yoghurt pots – choose fresh-off-the-shelf packages or a fill that fulfils the team’s tastes and your budget.

Introducing Feedr: Germany's ultimate solution for daily office meals

Your office food, our specialty

We specialise in offering a tailored platform designed specifically for large corporate companies in Germany who want to introduce regular office meals and lunch delivery or improve their current food perks programme.

Personalise your menus

With Feedr's daily office meals, you have the freedom to personalise menus that cater to the unique tastes and preferences of your Germany-based employees. Our platform lets you handpick from a diverse selection of locally-approved eateries, ensuring that every office meal becomes an amazing culinary adventure.

Effortless team ordering

We understand that simplicity is vital in managing your team's dining requirements. Our user-friendly portal allows your employees to log in, access menus customised to their specific nutritional needs and goals, and conveniently place office meal and lunch orders up to seven days in advance. No more hassle or confusion.

Seamless office lunch delivery

Sit back and relax as our team takes care of the entire food delivery process. From the kitchen to your office, we go above and beyond to ensure that your meals arrive promptly and tantalisingly delicious. And the best part? We prioritise eco-conscious practices, minimising carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Inspire conversations and brilliant ideas

Good food has a magical way of bringing people together. With our vibrant salads and culinary delights, Feedr's Cloud Canteen creates an atmosphere where conversations flow and brilliant ideas emerge over shared daily office meals. Ignite your team's creativity and productivity with every single bite.

Streamline team management

Say goodbye to administrative headaches. Our hassle-free technology streamlines team management, making it as easy as enjoying a slice of pie. From selecting vendors to overseeing orders and handling payments, our all-in-one platform simplifies the entire process. Enjoy the convenience of monthly invoices based on actual consumption, reducing waste and maximising efficiency. Join Feedr today and elevate your office lunch experience to new heights. Experience the power of choice, simplicity, sustainability, and mouth-watering flavours. Start a conversation with us and discover how we can transform your office lunch into an extraordinary experience for your team.