A little about us

Whatever the order of the day, mood-flipping good food should be part of it.
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In a world of work-from-wherever, Feedr delivers food that makes people happy to be in the office. Feeding teams is our speciality, not a side order.

Why? Because we started life in the office. Slumped at desks, tired of humdrum high-street food, ordering-in admin and late deliveries with two vegan options lost on the way. It was time for hassle-and-miss to go off the menu.

Today, Feedr delivers tasted-and-tested food fresh from local vendors. Easy on the admin. Low impact on the planet. All-out on flavour that brings everyone around the table.

Feedr serves Good Office Days, just how you like it.
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The Feedr mission

To make office days magical with food. We don’t just want to deliver fresh food from local vendors: we thrive to deliver the “lunch is here” buzz; conversations bubbling over soup; bright ideas hidden in rainbow salads.

The Feedr vision

Good office food. Good office days.
Our vision is for all companies to have good office days by helping them create a workplace culture where teams are brought together over food. We want food to be more than just a side order in the office. We want food to be the main ingredient to fostering deeper connections and nourishing employees’ bodies and minds.


Good food brings the whole team to the table. Our dedication to creating a workplace culture that fosters teamwork, communication, and mutual support make them want to stay at yours.


We’re always hungry for more. We’re food fanatics with an insatiable appetite for new ways to learn, grow, and improve.


We think. A lot. We reflect and plan, we approach our customers and vendors with integrity, and continue to nudge the office food delivery industry forward on sustainability.
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Give back with Feedr

For every meal you order, Feedr donates another to a child in need.

With the help of our partner and non-profit, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, we continue to have a positive impact on vulnerable children across the globe.

Learn more about responsible office food delivery.

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