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From local caterers to the nation’s biggest names, we help our food vendor partners achieve their full sales potential. We’re committed to giving everyone an equal opportunity on our platform no matter their size. Join Feedr’s community of industry trailblazers and get your food delivered through Cloud Canteen or Group Catering to hungry offices across London and Dublin.

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Vendor requirements

✓ You have a minimum of 4* Food Hygiene Rating
✓ You are able to handle multiple orders at meal times and have a minimum capacity of 70+ orders
✓ You must have a minimum of 90% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging
✓ You must have already achieved operational excellence across all platforms and deliveries
✓ You are able to provide for all common dietary requirements
✓ We show a preference for vendors who source local produce and reach higher welfare and sourcing standards with meat and fresh produce
✓ You must demonstrate measures taken to minimise food waste and efforts to recycle and correctly dispose of other waste products

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How we work?

Built for business, connecting you to the B2B catering market.

Advanced scheduling

Orders are scheduled in advance and with predefined cut-off and collection times. No sweating over asap ordering here.

Maximising your kitchen's downtime

With orders coming in ahead of your lunch hour rush, you can prep these orders during a quiet time in the kitchen.

Corporate clients = big orders

We group employee orders into one, meaning you’ll receive larger orders and be able to consolidate courier footfall at peak times.

Regular demand

Businesses have a lot of mouths to feed throughout the week and endless reasons to order food to the office for meetings and events.

More sales, less headache

Simple order management via our online portal means all customer service and logistics are taken care of.

A space to showcase your brand

Our platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand - from your origin story to how you source your food and everything in between.

What our vendors say...

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Feedr helps us reach even more people and helps them eat food that tastes good, does good and is kinder to the planet.
Testimonial Image
We're reimagining the future of fast-food and finding new avenues to reach customers is vital for our growth. Since integrating with Feedr, our ability to connect with corporate clients has skyrocketed, resulting in a significant increase in our corporate orders. The Feedr platform's hassle-free, one-stop solution has not only made it easy for us to provide delicious meals to companies but has also become an integral part of our business expansion strategy.