Ah, summertime - the perfect time for enjoying some sunshine and delicious food with friends and colleagues. What better way to celebrate the New Year, bond with your team, or simply enjoy some good vibes than with a corporate BBQ?

But, planning a successful corporate BBQ takes some work. That's why we've put together the ultimate BBQ checklist for hosting an unforgettable event. From selecting the perfect location to cleaning up afterwards, we've got you covered.

Step 1: Preparation phase

Plan the perfect menu

First and foremost, let's talk about the menu. A barbecue just isn't a barbecue without some grilled meats and classic sides, but don't forget to offer options for all the special diets in your office, from vegetarian to gluten-free.

When most of us think of a barbecue, the first images that spring to mind are perfectly chargrilled sausages and burgers, so make sure you have a lot of these on offer for a classic barbecue offering. For something a little more sophisticated, why not try chicken skewers, lamb leg or chargrilled steak? Make sure you also take into account your vegan and vegetarian colleagues by providing plant-based burgers, chargrilled veggies or some mediterranean vegetable and halloumi skewers. Something for everyone!

A good barbecue is made even better with some exciting and tasty side dishes. Think potato salad, chickpea salad, stuffed peppers and mushrooms, and of course a fresh crunchy green salad with a nice bright dressing. This ensures there's something for everyone and a wide variety of options to keep everyone interested.

And of course, a dessert like mini brownies or fresh fruit is the perfect way to end the festivities.

By using a corporate caterer like Feedr for your barbecue event, the stress of organising food is a thing of the past! We've got plenty of options including pop-ups and buffets, perfect for your barbecue corporate event.

Toppings station

Ketchup, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise and mustard are classic staples, but you could also add guacamole, jalapeños, pickles, onions, salsas, chutney and Tabasco sauce or chilli sauce for those who like a bit of spice.

Step 2: Hydration station

The decision to serve alcohol is up to you and your company's policy, but let's not forget about those parched souls who prefer a non-alcoholic refreshment. Soft drinks and mineral water should definitely make an appearance at your event. Supplying enough water and other beverages is the secret recipe for a successful corporate BBQ.

So, let's raise our glasses (and water bottles) and take a sip for every hour of the event. Start with a generous pour of 3 drinks per person in that first hour, then follow up with 2 drinks for every hour that follows. Hydration game: strong and steady. It's a good idea to hire a waiter who understands the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA).

You could also get someone in to whip up some lip-smacking cocktails that'll have your guests saying "Cheers!" in no time. Just make sure you don't forget the ice to keep those drinks, and spirits, cool as cucumbers.

Step 3: Essential equipment hire and waiting staff

Picture this: your guests are lined up, bellies rumbling, ready to dig into your barbecue feast. But wait a minute, do you have enough plates, cups or glasses, and cutlery for the whole gang? Let's not leave them hanging, my friend. Before the grilling commences, check off these must-haves:

- Plates, cups, and cutlery: Enough for every hungry soul and some extra for serving dishes. Gotta have those utensils to dig into the deliciousness!

- Grill power: Do you have enough grill space for all that mouth-watering meat? If not, consider hiring another grill or upgrading to a bigger one. We're all about making sure nobody goes home with a bellyache from waiting too long.

- BBQ expertise: Is someone in your office a grilling guru? If not, you might want to consider bringing in a professional chef to work their magic. Because let's be honest, burnt burgers are no fun at all.

- The royal treatment: If you're going for a more formal affair, having waiting staff on hand could really elevate the experience. They'll be like little food fairies, attending to your guests' every need. Fancy, huh?

- Tables, chairs, and shade: Let's set the scene, my friend. Make sure your venue has enough seating and shade for folks to kick back and relax. If not, consider renting some tables, chairs, or even a tent or marquee to keep everyone cool and comfortable. And if casual is more your style, bring along some cozy picnic rugs or quilts for that relaxed atmosphere.

If all this equipment-hunting sounds like a headache waiting to happen, why not take the stress out of it by going for an equipment hire option? Some vendors can hook you up with everything from coolers to speakers and tableware, all dropped off and picked up at your convenience. Talk about a feast without the fuss!

Step 4: Let the fun begin

Plan some activities

Get those muscles moving and those laughter going with some friendly competition. Whether it's a game of cricket, football, touch rugby, rounders, or a good ol' game of Frisbee, there's no better way to unite your colleagues and have a roaring good time.


While the grill does its thing, keep those hungry bellies at bay with a spread of chips, salsa, veggie sticks with hummus, cheese and crackers, and other finger-friendly goodies. A little something to nibble on while they eagerly await the main course. It's the perfect recipe for chatter, laughter, and anticipation!

Whose drink is this?

Now, here's a little trick to avoid the dreaded "Whose drink is this?" guessing game. Grab some masking tape and a trusty marker pen from your desk and get labeling. Add a strip of tape to each glass or cup and write your guests' names on it. Voila! No more beverage mix-ups.

corporate BBQ catering - drink nametags

Photo: ManMade

Hand sanitiser/sanitising wipes

Always handy to have during the meal and for wiping down areas after the event. Eating burgers and hot dogs can be a messy business so having some hand sanitiser nearby is a good idea!

Stay sun savvy

Even during the British summer, it's still possible to get sunburnt, even on a cloudy day! Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring a hat and some sunglasses to keep the rays off.

Step 5: Leave No Trace (Except for Smiling Faces)

As the sun sets on your epic corporate BBQ, it's time to give a little love to the cleanup crew. Follow these tips to ensure you leave the space spick and span, without breaking a sweat:

Provide rubbish and recycling bags to get rid of any packaging or disposable cutlery, glasses and plates. Even better, use real crockery and utensils to minimise waste!

To avoid wasting any food, make sure to put any leftovers into containers and place them in the office fridge - they won't be there for much longer!

Don’t forget these items for a swift cleanup:

  • Water
  • Litter bags
  • Paper towels
  • Storage containers, aluminium pans, foil or clingfilm for any left-over food
  • Plastic bags or reusable bags to store any extra or un-used utensils for your next corporate event
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Disinfectant spray

A corporate BBQ checklist overview

Before we wrap things up, let's do a quick overview of all the important items you've mastered for your corporate BBQ. We wouldn't want anything slipping through the cracks, would we?

- BBQ and gas bottles: Keep those grills fired up and ready to go. Or even better, get in a BBQ pop-up corporate caterer who can take care of this for you!
- Tables: Will you need them for cooking or for guests to sit and savour their meals? Decide if it's a sit-down soiree or a casual gathering.
- Cutlery, crockery, and glasses: Whether disposable or ceramic, make sure you have enough to keep your guests satisfied and stylishly served.
- Mobile bar: For those spirited souls, stock up on glasses, ice, alcohol, and soft drinks. Cheers to a lively party!
- Responsible Service of Alcohol: Safety first! Ensure someone is well-versed in keeping things classy and responsible.
- Permits for gatherings at public spaces: Dot those i's and cross those t's, my organised buddy. Check the rules and regulations for your dream BBQ location.
- Marquees or tents: Sun or rain, you've got it covered. Add a touch of shelter or shade to make your BBQ adventure weather-ready.
- Access to toilets: Nobody likes a long trek when nature calls. Keep those restrooms close by for your guests' convenience.
- Litter: Plan your rubbish disposal strategy. Give those leftovers and utensils a proper farewell and keep the venue tidy.

Order BBQ corporate catering

Feeling overwhelmed at this list of things to organise? Don’t fret! Speak to our experienced corporate events team by emailing [email protected] about our events services and let our experts take care of all the little details for you.

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