Celebrate Pride and Create an Inclusive Office Environment!

Pride Month is here, and it's time to gather your team for a celebration that's as sweet as a rainbow-coloured cupcake! Throughout June, we have the incredible opportunity to educate ourselves, reflect on progress, and honour the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure you celebrate pride in the office the right way, by recognising its importance and hosting an pride-themed office party.

Pride Month Parade - Celebrate Pride in the Office - Eatfirst Corporate Catering UK

Understanding the meaning of Pride Month

Now, let's dive into the meaningful world of Pride Month. It's an annual extravaganza where we embrace lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer identities. This vibrant celebration traces its roots back to the historic Stonewall riots in June 1969, a game-changing moment in the fight for gay rights. Since then, it has spread its wings worldwide, like a delicious dish that satisfies taste buds across borders!

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Why celebrate Pride Month in your office?

Well, there are plenty of reasons! First and foremost, it raises awareness about the ongoing challenges LGBTQ+ communities face in their pursuit of rights and equality. Unfortunately, hate crimes and violence still persist, with around 80% of incidents going unreported worldwide. It's a stark reality, but together, we can change the recipe for a better future!

Celebrating Pride Month in your office also fosters engagement and inclusivity among your team. By creating a safe space for discussion and education, you're sending a powerful message of solidarity.

How can you show support?

Showing support for Pride Month can be as simple as recognising its significance and organising an event within your office. For example:

  1. Get Social: Use platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram to spread the word about your company's support for Pride Month. Share inspiring content, highlight any Pride events you're hosting, and boost LGBTQ+ visibility. It's like adding some extra zest to your social media presence!
  2. Open the Dialogue: Encourage open discussions among your team about Pride Month, LGBTQ+ history, and the significance of this vibrant celebration. Even if you don't have an official event planned, let your team know that your office is a safe space for sharing experiences and knowledge. It's like creating a mouthwatering atmosphere of understanding and acceptance!
  3. Throw an Office Party: Who doesn't love a delightful team gathering? Organise a Pride-themed event in your office, complete with colorful decorations and pride-themed treats. Order those pride-themed cupcakes that'll make everyone's taste buds dance with joy! And if you're still working remotely, bring the party online with a fun virtual quiz or invite a guest speaker to enlighten your team about the history and importance of Pride Month. It's time to savor the flavor of togetherness!

Office Catering for your Pride Event

If you're in need of fantastic Pride-themed treats, Feedr has got you covered! Our suppliers have curated a delicious selection of Pride-themed sweet treats that will leave your team wanting more. So go ahead, check out the options below, and feel free to reach out for more information. We'll be more than happy to help you cook up a bespoke Pride-themed event!

  1. Cafe Route: This experienced caterer has pride-themed finger food options, seasonal fruit and sweets.
Cafe Route Pride grazing table
  1. After School Cookie Club: Satisfy your sweet tooth with cookies topped with rainbow sweets and sprinkles.
  2. EK Bakery: Chocolate brownies with proceeds going to akt - a LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity. A perfect way to finish off a main meal and feel good while doing it.
  1. Kaleido Rolls: Savour the rainbow with Kaleido's healthy and delicious salad rolls available as a unique pop-up in your office!
Kaleido rainbow salad rolls
  1. Knead A Little Love: What better way to celebrate Pride than with rainbow-iced vegan doughnuts!
Knead a Little Love rainbow doughnuts
  1. Cake Drop: With options galore, there's something for everyone! Treat everyone to cupcakes, brownies, cake or even a candy platter - all rainbow themed of course!
Cake Drop rainbow candy platter

We'll be happy to help you organise corporate catering for pride or any other office event. Please don't hesitate to check out our corporate catering service or reach out to chat to one of our experts at [email protected].

Happy Pride!

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