How office lunch deliveries can help your business

Make your business days an event to look forward to

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A great team environment can be built with a simple breakfast or lunch service

With some delicious food from your local suppliers, a business day can become something people look forward to. You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive employee retreats and gifts. Enhance employee engagement can sometimes be as simple as arranging for staff catering services to provide croissants and yoghurt for breakfast or company lunch catering at work.

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A recent survey found that 41%  of respondents thought that the best corporate gift they could receive was food at work. According to the survey, 60% of respondents believe that having food in the office would make them feel more 'valued and appreciated.'

Corporate catering can be more than a one-off and be a weekly or daily thing

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The good news is that you don't have to be the size of Facebook or Google to provide corporate catering for your employees, nor is it prohibitively expensive. Employers can benefit greatly from offering corporate catering, whether it is a daily or weekly office event delivered to your workplace.

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Corporate catering has expanded beyond events. With many people working from home, corporate catering can include snack and care packages to send to anyone who is feeling lonely. Or even a method to maintain a regularly stocked pantry or regular staff meal plans.

Stronger connections between staff

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Many of us spend the entire day staring at our computer screens, ignoring our coworkers until lunchtime. According to a Seamless survey, 60% of respondents believed that a team lunch event provided and organized by their company would encourage them to eat with their coworkers.

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Food creates conversation and helps colleagues get to know each other

With a shift toward more collaborative cultures, catered staff lunches are an excellent way to strengthen interpersonal bonds. Offering free office food can also encourage conversations and bonding among colleagues who might not otherwise interact. Office catering can also foster creativity and new ideas that can benefit your company.

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Increased employee morale

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According to Peapod, 67% of survey respondents with free food were 'extremely' or 'very happy' with their current job. When employees are happy and morale is high, their productivity rises.

This may result in a lower workforce turnover. If the solution is to provide staff lunches through a catering team in order to boost employee morale and build loyalty to your company, it may end up saving you money in the long run.

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Increased productivity

A happy employee is a productive employee, and providing healthy office catering can lead to improved concentration, focus, and memory. Work life can be made more complete with fresh and high-quality food delivered by friendly staff from your local corporate caterers.

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Our friendly catering experts are the best of the local corporate catering businesses near you. EatFirst's platform offers a wide range of options, including simple snack care packages, breakfast platters, sushi, hot dogs, vegetarian and vegan catering, and, of course, dessert and even a cheeky margarita. There is something for every occasion and every dietary requirement.

Retention & talent acquisition

Finding and hiring great people can be difficult, and providing your HR department with as many perks as possible will increase your chances of attracting top talent. Furthermore, some studies suggest that replacing, training, and onboarding a new employee can cost between 6 and 9 months' salary.

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A healthier workforce

Healthy team corporate catering in the office can be a win-win situation for both you and your employees. When your employees are happy and healthy, they cost your company less money. They are more productive and take fewer sick days. Employees who eat an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to be less productive than those who eat a healthy diet.

Work Lunches can help guide healthier eating

Making a delicious, healthy working lunch available can also help raise awareness and pave the way for healthy eating. It can also aid in weight control and overall health by discouraging employees from making poor food choices.

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Team building

To keep their employees engaged, some businesses spend thousands of dollars on retreats, scavenger hunts, flying fox and treetop activities, and other costly team-building exercises. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money or time on these difficult activities. In fact, these efforts frequently backfire because employees do not find them useful and may resent the event's time and energy consumption.

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Build a stronger team through food

We've discovered that using food to build intimacy and bonds between staff and management is the most effective way. A weekly team lunch is a great way to stay connected with one another, improve company culture, and build a stronger team.

Catering Events

Getting used to a new company and meeting your coworkers can be daunting when starting a new job. Corporate catered events are a great way for new hires to get in and become part of the team right away.

The best part about office lunch deliveries is that, unlike team building physical activities, which may require some level of fitness or coordination, sitting together and eating is simple for everyone to do. Every week or month, there are a variety of high-quality and delicious cuisines to try, encouraging the team to eat together.

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Office food delivery by EatFirst

There are so many benefits and aspects to be reaped by providing corporate catering at your business regardless of the occasion to. It’s an affordable and stress-free way to show your employees you appreciate and value them.

To get started or more information about offering complete catered meals for your workplace, speak to the corporate event experts at EatFirst or get a free quote online.

Whether it’s pizza catering, UK-widebbq catering, indian catering, party catering, breakfast platters,  or any other office food delivery, we have a wide range of curated menus and lunch plans to suit your needs and budgets. We deliver for London Corporate Catering,  Manchester and Edinburgh, and all other cities UK wide.

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