If you are looking for a local catering company that will assist you in finding the right caterer in your area for all price ranges, look no further than Feedr. Finding catering in London for all types of meals is now just a few clicks away, thanks to our online platform.

Feedr has a corporate catering option to suit any budget. We offer a wide range of food options, so you're sure to find something that everyone in your office will enjoy. Furthermore, our online ordering system makes placing an order and having it delivered to your door a breeze.

So why wait? Order from Feedr today and find out how we can make your next corporate event a success!

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1. Become acquainted with Feedr.

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Feedr is a leading all-in-one corporate catering service that uses an online, user-friendly platform to make your next event memorable and stress-free for your team and colleagues. Whether you need snacks for an important meeting, catering for a business lunch, a daily meal plan for your team, or a delicious breakfast to start your day, we have you covered.

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Find out about local catering services.

Our primary goal is to put the customer first. To provide a diverse menu made up of only high-quality ingredients, we source from local caterers in London and Dublin. We also ensure on-time office food delivery by staying local and increasing visibility for a smaller but tasty catering service.

We can accommodate any dietary requirement, including vegan and vegetarian options, as well as lactose, dairy, and gluten-free alternatives. Please contact us with your request or need, and we will respond within 2-24 hours with a tailored solution for you.

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Committed to social initiatives and environmentally friendly practices.

Feedr works hard to make your next catered event a memorable one. We're also dedicated to locating local business caterers, whether for working lunches, desserts, or the cheeky Friday bottle shop for fun cocktail parties. We also collaborate with caterers who are dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable catering professionals.

We consult with suppliers about the use of recyclable utensils and ensure that all items from caterers on our platform are from verified UK companies. As part of this environmental initiative, the team promotes best practices by rating our corporate catering suppliers based on a variety of key criteria, which are then made available to clients.

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2. How does Feedr work? 

Feedr not only handles corporate catering in London, but it also provides food pantry services and daily staff meals. Whether you want a daily or weekly plan for subsidised staff lunches through our Cloud Canteen system, or group catering options for a special event or meeting, we've got you covered with our community of local high-quality vendors.

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Here you will find an overview of our services: 

BBQ catering, Indian catering, corporate event catering, breakfast platters, team lunch, vegan catering, sandwiches for morning tea, and much more! So with the best food and beverage providers, you're all set for any type of corporate catering

3. The benefits of using Feedr for your next corporate event.

We make catering your event simple and stress-free by assigning you a dedicated account specialist who will ensure the success of your next catered event. Allowing us to handle the food allows you to focus on managing the event and venue, as well as making your next corporate event truly memorable.

If you want a bit of a guide on how to make occasions great, whether it is to impress clients or for your work family, you can learn more about tips and considerations for your next corporate catering event.

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4. Try our corporate catering platform today

What are you waiting for? Check out our catering options today, because we are here to provide delicious and varied food for your next office lunch or event in Dublin and London. Beyond one-time events, consider our options for regular staff meals or breakfasts to help your team bond over a shared love of food a few days a week.

Enter your address, add filters according to your catering needs and you will immediately get some suggestions for group catering options. Need more help? Feel free to contact our team of experts at [email protected]

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