Are you hosting a corporate Christmas dinner this year? Or thinking of ways to impress your team and customers with cool gifts?

If so, then find out how to spice up this year's office celebrations and our reasons why corporate meal delivery is the new black for your holidays!

1) Stress-free catering!

With Christmas dinner plans coming up in the office, planning and cooking can be very stressful. How many times have you been running late to set up everything with your colleagues or clients? Sometimes even bringing your own cooked meals for them!

Eatfirst has many years' experience delivering tasty meals, so why not leave it to the professionals this year?  There is nothing better than letting someone else do all the meal prep for once!  

Even if you're running late on your Holiday plans, avoid last-minute frozen ready meals; with us you can  eat delicious dishes made from high-quality ingredients without worrying about the extra effort.

Meal delivery services can take the stress out of Christmas. Just order in and eat our freshly prepared meals! Whether you're doing a sit-down Christmas lunch, virtual cocktail event or an office barbecue, we've got your end-of-year plans covered.

2) Variety of delicious meals to choose from

You can choose from a variety of yummy dishes with Eatfirst's food delivery services. There are many different options for main courses, desserts and drinks - you're sure to find amazing food and ready to eat meals for everyone!

- Main course: Wine, Cheese  & Charchuterie Box or Christmas Extravagance Hamper?  You name it, we have it!

Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie Box

- Desserts: DIY Cupcakes or Brownie Box? How about our Graze Box as an alternative? We also offer christmas puddings if none of those sound appealing!

- Drinks: there is Espresso Martini available on the menu this season as well as traditional english breakfast tea or wine. Why not spice up your meal by trying one of them instead of going for familiar?


3) Unique Christmas gifts

Surprise your team and customers with a unique meal box! Eatfirst is proud to offer diverse  meal delivery kits from our local food providers, filled with delicious food and drinks that will make your yuletide season so much more special.

Have a look at our Festive Cocktail & Candle Making Kit or why not trying the 4 Cheese Tasting Box?

Festive Cocktail & Candle Making Kit

4) Allergy-friendly, Plant Based and Healthy  meal delivery service

With Eatfirst's food delivery services, you can enjoy a delicious and allergy-friendly Christmas meal this year with your co-workers. We have plenty of gluten free options for those who suffer from intolerances as well! If hosting an event brings to mind worries about allergies or sensitivities that might be problematic during the festivities don't hesitate – just let us know so we can come up some great dishes tailored specifically towards their needs - guaranteed deliciousness awaits them in every bite.

We also have different meals suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our favourite dishes offer plant based and vegan options and we always provide a detailed list of fresh ingredients for you to look through before placing your order.

Looking for a healthier alternative to your corporate Christmas dinner? No worries, we'll take care of it with our fresh and healthy meals made of great tasting food. With so many tempting options available, for some people it can be difficult not go off track with their diet or health goals this time of year, but we have some great ways that will satisfy on all fronts, without sacrificing any taste buds inbetween bites and avoiding healthy frozen meals. Meal delivery kits like the Festive Wellnes Hamper are the perfect solution for all your needs this holiday season.

Making sure everyone gets delicious meals is easy as 1-2-3: choose your ingredients (or default selections), set the time and your ready to eat meals are set to be served!

5) Meals delivery is convenient for guests

If you're hosting a corporate Christmas dinner, convenience is key!

With Eatfirst food delivery services, all meals are made of fresh ingredients and can be delivered to your office or, if you're hosting a virtual event, to your team and client's house.

In addition, we also offer customized options: each food provider can supply different in-office or home delivery offerings designed for the corporate environment and your needs.

6) Get festive with alcohol  

Holidays like Christmas wouldn't be complete without a drink, would it? Make the most out of it by trying a special one this season. Your team will definitely appreciate you taking these extra steps to make sure that everyone is comfortable and having fun!

You can also incorporate your christmas dinner with other festive drinks such as english breakfast tea or freshly brewed coffee - why not get creative and blend them together for something new?

Our suggestion is to surprise your guests or coworkers with a homemade cocktail kit, like this Espresso Martini & Margarita Cocktail Kit or a Negroni & Stargazer Cocktail Kit.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to drinks so we're excited to hear what you come up with!


7) Diverse cuisines offered

Although we probably don't have to mention it, there is a wide variety of cuisines available on the menu with Eatfirst. Whether you're hosting a traditional christmas dinner or celebrating in another way, our food delivery services will make everything so much easier!

With many different options available for dishes and drinks, why not try out an entirely new cuisine this year? You'll be surprised at just how versatile our fresh meals really are!

We hope you find our blog post on corporate Christmas delivery helpful in making an easier choice at Eatfirst! We'll deliver your delicious meal right at the office throughout December.

So what do you say? Will you let Eatfirst take care of everything this Christmas by delivering delicious christmas dinners right at home? Let us know via email [email protected] or order now to get the best meal delivery services before it's too late!  

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