A delicious recipe for sustainable eating in the workplace

You've probably noticed a shift in the way people are ordering and consuming food in the past few years – a rise in sustainable eating, and a desire to know where our food comes from. We can't resist the allure of locally grown, eco-friendly, and sustainably produced meals. But what purpose does this information serve, and how can we actively put it into practice?

What is sustainability?

If you've been keeping up with the culinary trends, you've definitely heard of it. Sustainability is all about avoiding the depletion of natural resources, maintaining ecological balance, and being aware of the social impacts. But don't worry, embracing sustainable eating doesn't necessarily require a complete menu overhaul. You can achieve it one bite-sized step at a time, making small changes to your everyday eating habits.

Why is it important?

Now, let's think about the reasons why sustainability matters. Whether you want to lower your greenhouse gas emissions, explore more sustainable diets, or understand the impact of the food you devour, even a few small tweaks to your eating routine can have a mouth-watering impact. The goal of sustainable catering is to minimise negative environmental effects, support local economies, and serve up healthy, nourishing meals.

Whether you're just starting to add sustainable snacks to your office pantry or your business is already an expert at these eco-friendly recipes, every bite you take brings forth a multitude of good. Celebrate your dedication to nourishing your team and protecting our planet.

How to order sustainable catering

Below are some practical tips and tricks you need for introducing sustainable corporate catering and encourage eco-friendly food habits into your workplace.

Source local and seasonal produce

Eating seasonally is like seasoning your dishes with a pinch of sustainable goodness. It's an easy yet mighty way to infuse eco-friendly habits into your meals while cutting down on processed or artificially ripened temptations. If you can, indulge in locally sourced, seasonal produce. Whether it's fruits, veggies, milk, or meat, the closer your food comes from, the smaller its carbon footprint. By supporting local farmers and businesses, you're not only reducing your environmental impact but also ensuring they can continue producing food for local businesses just like yours.

Reduce your food waste

Did you know that we toss a whopping 4 tonnes of food into landfills every year? And to sprinkle an extra dose of shock, one in five of our shopping bags goes straight into the bin. Talk about a feast turned famine! But fear not, my friend, because reducing food waste is easier than you think, and it's time to cook up some simple changes to help combat this colossal problem.

As experts in the corporate catering world, we've witnessed our fair share of food waste. That's why we're not just here to offer advice on portion control, we're building a community of sustainability-minded caterers. Together, we can slice and dice those wasteful habits and serve up a more eco-friendly feast.

There's a couple of ways you can strive to reduce your food waste. You could set up a compost for your office, or donate any leftovers from your corporate catering to an organisation like City Harvest. One of the easiest ways to reduce waste is to simply order the right amount of food - at Feedr we've got a lot of experience with catering for events of all sizes so we are more than happy to advise on volumes.

Eat less meat

Okay, let's talk about everyone's favourite subject: meat. We all love sinking our teeth into a juicy burger or savouring that tender steak, but here's the honest truth – excessive meat consumption is taking a toll on our planet. To reduce the environmental impact while still indulging your taste buds, try cutting down on your meat intake. No need to go full-on vegetarian, but swapping a few meals a week with protein-rich veggies or tasty alternatives can do wonders for our Earth and your well-being.

Support sustainable corporate caterers

When it comes to ordering corporate catering, it's time to raise the bar and support sustainable options. Seek out caterers who use recyclable boxes, trays, and food containers. Look for those who limit single-use plastics and practice good waste management themselves. At Feedr, we take careful steps to vet our vendors, making sure that they use at least 80% recyclable packaging.

Whether you're planning a big event, a staff lunch, or simply stocking up the office pantry, take a moment to consider how much plastic can be reduced in your order. Opt for beverage dispensers instead of stacks of single-use plastic bottles, send out the staff lunch menu via email instead of printing a small forest of paper, and embrace certified green cleaning products after the food has been devoured.

At the end of the day, it's all about supporting those who infuse their culinary creations with a side of sustainability. Over 80% of our customers already order milk, fruit, and healthy snacks for their office. We take pride in sourcing sustainable and locally-produced fresh produce from small British businesses, ensuring low food miles and a low carbon footprint.

Want a more sustainable workplace overall? Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Need corporate catering?

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