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The new way to feed your team

Team lunch on the boss, a one-off breakfast for 20, organising a pop-up for 100 – it’s a joy to be done. Smoother than a strawberry protein shake. We’ll take the food off your plate, so you can focus on keeping the other ones spinning.

Happy team in the office

Why Feedr?

No sad salads here: this is mood-flipping good food that leaves you and your team energised, uplifted and full of beans. We spend time curating our menus to deliver you the best office food catering options in the UK and Ireland.

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All-in-one office food solution

From regular team lunches to breakfast meetings and pizza parties, we link you with quality suppliers across the UK and Ireland to cover all your catering needs in one place.

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Fully flexible

Flexibility is baked in, you don’t need to commit to a headcount. Order a lunch spread for 10 one day and a 50-person pop-up food event the next. Simple, quick, and convenient.

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Easy ordering

Manage your menu and view your team's orders all in one place. Feed employees while saying goodbye to admin headaches with just a few clicks on your custom Feedr portal.

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We're there when you need us

Use our self-serve platform to order group catering on the fly, or speak to our team about creating an account for more regular food orders. Food service for humans, by humans.

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A more affordable way to feed your team

With over 200 vendors, you'll find options for all dietary needs and to match all tastes and budgets, whether you’re looking to impress a potential client or to treat the team to gluten-free cakes.

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A greener option for the office

We vet vendors for responsible sourcing, minimal food waste and eco-friendly packaging to help nudge the food delivery industry forward - no disposable forks required.

Corporate food services for every office need


If you’re looking for a regular way to feed your team, we can help you with Cloud Canteen. Regular office meals are ordered by your employees through our online platform or via the app, leaving you with one less admin job on your plate.

200+ handpicked vendors

We have over 200 vendors to keep your team excited no matter what your food delivery needs. From buffet-style eating to regular team lunches, take look at the menu options available to you.

Companies with happy bellies and good office days

Five-star food

“Food, nutrition and wellbeing has always been a priority for us, and Feedr has made this so much easier to fulfill.”

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Team eating
Team eating
Delicious food

Sustainable delivery

“The food was hot, flavour was delicious, and packaging was not excessively wasteful.”

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Personalised menus

“The curated meal choice and individual ordering is just fantastic! Always something for everyone on the menus.”

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Team working over coffee

The proof is in the eating

Case study

Content management company Box faced the challenge of returning to a hybrid office where headcounts could never be guaranteed. Our solution? Cloud Canteen’s flexible, sustainable, pay-for-what-you-eat meals, and healthily stocked pantry for all-day drinks and nibbles.

Frequently asked questions about team catering for SMEs

Do I have to have a Feedr account to order a team lunch through Feedr?

While having an account will mean you have a dedicated Account Manager to help you with your catering needs, you can place catering orders of any size through our self-serve Group Catering platform.

While our Cloud Canteen is only available for teams of 20+, you can place regular team lunch orders through our Group Catering. The same wide variety of vendors are available for you to choose from - simply put in your address and use the wide range of filters to find a lunch suitable for your team.

The best lunch option for a company meeting is something that will help keep people energised and fuelled for the remainder of the day while catering to tastes and dietary requirements. A combination of sandwiches and salads is always a safe bet, but make sure the salads are just as exciting as the sandwiches for those who may be gluten intolerant. Sushi is also becoming a very popular lunch choice as it's high in protein and filling while still being light, ensuring everyone avoids the post-lunch slump. For those whose tastes might vary, make sure to order some salad rice bowls as well.

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Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR