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Daily office lunch delivery

on time, on taste.

Say goodbye to the ‘what does everyone want for lunch?’ hassle. Cloud Canteen takes it off your plate and piles on the feel-good flavour. No missing orders either.

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Palm Greens

Cloud Canteen

The lunch delivery solution for Good Office Days

Cloud Canteen is more than just fresh food from local vendors. When we deliver a healthy office lunch, we deliver joy, bringing screen-free lunchtime chatter that gets you energised for the afternoon. You choose menus and dish out credits in the portal. The team orders in the app and cracks on until the buzzer rings. Magic.

Let’s make lunch really deliver

User ordering food from menu on mobile

You choose the menus

…and dish out meal subsidy credits in the portal. Mood-flipping good food rotates between the best taste-tested eateries.

Your team orders

It’s that simple. Log in for menus tailored to your nutrition needs and goals. Order up to 7 days in advance.

Food arrives, like magic

From the kitchen to your office door, we go the extra mile (without the carbon emissions). Let the conversations bubble and find bright ideas in rainbow salads.

Take admin off your plate

Fuss-free tech makes team management easy as pie. Select vendors, oversee orders and pay with just-what-you-eat monthly invoices all in one place.

Say hello to your new communal canteen

Take your pick of vendors that share our commitment to flavourful-of-life food. Your team will thank you for unlocking a world of fresh, healthy, and delicious lunches.

Why choose Feedr?

Team company lunch

Well-fed and happy teams

Goodbye high-street queues and leaky lunchboxes. Hello office lunch deliveries that bring everyone together around the table. It’s a chance to share out-of-office stories, and get some oomph for that afternoon meeting too.

Team company lunch

Business needs? They’re baked into Feedr. No committing to headcounts because we serve people. Pay just for what your team eats. No waste. No sneaky fees to put you in a pickle. We’ve got PO numbers, monthly invoices and dedicated Account Managers.

Feedr order calendar

We vet vendors for responsible sourcing, minimal food waste, and eco-friendly packaging. By bundling orders in carbon-neutral deliveries, we lower emissions and get vehicles off the road. No disposable forks required.

Emission free food delivery

Why they ordered from us again. And again.

Five-star food

“Food, nutrition and wellbeing has always been a priority for us, and Feedr has made this so much easier to fulfill.”

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Team eating
Team eating
Delicious food

Sustainable delivery

“The food was hot, flavour was delicious, and packaging was not excessively wasteful.”

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Personalised menus

“The curated meal choice and individual ordering is just fantastic! Always something for everyone on the menus.”

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A lunch delivery service your office will love

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Order on all devices; mobile, tablet or desktop. In a team meeting or out walking the dog - ordering lunch takes all but a few quick clicks with an exceptionally seamless ordering experience. Download the app on Android or iOS.

Sandwich platter

Need a spread to impress?

Take those one-off events from blah to ta-dah. Whether it’s a client meeting or flip-your-own pancake day. We can arrange street-food pop-up stations pitched around the office. You name it, give us your numbers and we’ll take it from there. Clean-up included.

Pizza party
Office catering
Office catering

Frequently asked questions about our Cloud Canteen service

What is Cloud Canteen?

Cloud Canteen is a daily food programme provided by Feedr, which allows your team to order meals to the office with a corporate allowance whilst you can oversee everything on one centralised platform.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can all be ordered by your employees via our Cloud Canteen service. Office lunch delivery for employees is our most popular Cloud Canteen service.

The Feedr app is used by employees of companies that offer our Cloud Canteen service. The app allows employees to view their weekly menus and seamlessly order their meals up to 7 days in advance.

Most of our clients subsidise employee lunches with a daily allowance of between €/£7 and €/£10. Clients who offer a subsidy of €/£10 see an average 97% uptake compared to an uptake of 70% for €/£7.

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Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR