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Our commitment to responsible and sustainable food delivery.

We won’t say we’ve done it all because sustainability is always a work in progress and we’re constantly improving. However, we promise to continue to nudge the food delivery industry forward.

Making a conscious choice

Feedr makes it easier for employees to identify and choose plant-based meals, empowering teams to make carbon-conscious decisions about their diet. No disposable forks required.

Carbon-neutral deliveries

By bundling 100% of our orders in carbon-neutral deliveries, we lower emissions, get vehicles off the road and make your lunch even greener.

Eco-friendly packaging

We vet vendors for responsible sourcing, minimal food waste and eco-friendly packaging.

A meal for a meal

For every meal you order, Feedr donates another to a child in need. With the help of our partner and non-profit foundation Akshaya Patra, we continue to have positive impact on vulnerable children across the globe.

Supporting local communities

Global menus, sourced and sold locally. We are proud to be working with artisan eateries, supporting the next generation of independently-owned businesses and keeping the local community engaged.

Sustainable office catering

Share your details and needs to find out how we can bring good food to your office.


Our vendors

handpicked artisan vendors
are independently owned businesses
have a minimum of 4* FSA hygiene rating
cuisine types available across all vendors
of plant-based proteins on all menus
of all dishes ordered via Feedr are vegetarian
of our clients do not request disposable cutlery or napkins
of our vendors use only recyclable or reusable packaging
rated excellent 20,000+ reviews

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Frequently asked questions

What is the most sustainable food you can get delivered to the office?

To make sure your office catering is as sustainable as possible, you need to evaluate three things: ingredients, seasonality, and packaging. Plant-based food that is in season and sourced locally is the most sustainable food you can order and often the tastiest!

Office food delivery can be sustainable by using vendors who share a vision for a more sustainable food industry. This involves using locally sourced produce, recyclable or reusable packaging and making sure the food is delivered in emission-free transport. These are all elements of our vendor vetting and delivery process, so we can ensure you are catering for your office in the most sustainable way.

Our five top tips for sustainable food practices are: prioritise plant-based food, minimise meat, look locally, seek out in-season produce, and finally look at food that comes in minimal packaging.

Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR
Feedr Logo@ 2023 Feedr Ltd. Feedr Limited.Company Registration No: 09956874. Registered Office: The Bower, 207 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9NR