Every year, September marks a special month for the organic industry in the UK. Organic September is a time for celebrating everything that's great about organic food and its commitment to the environment. As busy professionals, we often forget the role we can play in safeguarding the planet, but choosing to eat organic food is an easy way to take a step in the right direction. We polled our LinkedIn community recently asking them how important organic food is to them and we had 67% of people respond saying either they try their best to eat organic or they always choose organic which is certainly an increase from previous years.

According to the Soil Association, "organic is a system of farming and food production. Organic farmers air to produce high-quality food, using methods that benefit our whole food system, from people to planet, plant health to animal welfare." This sustainable approach to agriculture not only benefits our health but also that of the planet, as it helps to reduce the carbon footprint of food and preserve wildlife habitats. Choosing organic products means choosing to support an industry that uses less fossil fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

At Feedr, we're proud to support local organic vendors, such as Vanda's Kitchen. Vanda's Kitchen is a catering company based in London. Their commitment to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing means that they play a role in protecting the environment and supporting small local businesses. We recently interviewed co-founder and CEO of Vanda's, Robert Pattwell about their focus on organic.

Vanda's kitchen assortment of meals
Vanda's Kitchen meals

1. What inspired you to offer organic food options on your menu?

Our inspiration to become an accredited organic company stemmed from a deep commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality of quality food with many choices for vegan, gluten and nut free patrons. Our desire to use organic ingredients arose from an understanding that they are grown and produced without synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and genetic modifications. This aligns seamlessly with our ethos of serving food that not only delights the palate but also contributes to the overall well-being of our valued customers.

2. As consumers become more conscious of their food choices, can you share some of the benefits of choosing organic products? How do you think organic farming practices contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly food industry?

As consumer awareness regarding food choices continues to evolve, opting for organic products yields a range of benefits that resonate with both health and environmental considerations. Organic farming practices prioritise the preservation of soil health, biodiversity, and water resources. By avoiding synthetic chemicals, these practices mitigate potential health risks associated with pesticide residues and promote the consumption of produce in its purest form. This promotes a sustainable and eco-friendly food industry by fostering a cycle of positive impact on the environment, from reduced chemical runoff to the support of local ecosystems.

Vanda's Kitchen sweet chicken curry
Vanda's Kitchen Sweet Chicken Curry

3. Are there certain foods that you would suggest to always buy organic?

We recommend prioritising the purchase of organic products for items that are particularly susceptible to pesticide residue accumulation or those that have thin, permeable skins. These may include strawberries, spinach, apples, and tomatoes. Choosing organic for these items aligns with a health-conscious approach and reduces potential exposure to synthetic chemicals.

4. Organic Month is all about promoting healthy and wholesome food choices. Can you highlight some of the unique organic dishes or products you offer on your menu?

Organic Month holds special significance for us as it resonates with our core values of promoting healthful and nourishing choices. It also draws attention to the hard work organic companies have to put in to set up their companies and why they should be valued in the marketplace. Within the realm of our menu, we offer a variety of unique organic dishes that celebrate the flavours of nature. One standout is our Organic Salmon Salad, featuring a vibrant medley of organically sourced vegetables and protein-rich salmon received directly from the sea from our supplier. Additionally, our Organic Super Berry Granola Yogurt Fruit Pot serves as a delightful blend of seasonal organic berries, delivering a burst of antioxidants and natural sweetness. These offerings exemplify our dedication to crafting dishes that not only tantalise the taste buds but also contribute to a holistic and organic culinary experience.

Organic September is the perfect time to try something new and explore the world of organic food. It's about discovering new flavours, trying new recipes, and engaging with an industry that cares about sustainability. So why not challenge yourself to try one new organic food item each week this month? Whether it's switching to organic milk, trying out a new organic vegetable, or ordering a meal from one of our organic vendors, the opportunities are endless. Alongside Vanda's Kitchen, one of our other fully organic vendors is Farmacy.

By celebrating Organic September, we can make a difference in safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable food choices. So go ahead and enjoy the organic taste of goodness, knowing that your choices are making a positive impact on our planet. If you're interested in learning more about our organic options, get in touch with us!

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